Friday, August 27, 2010

Angus Snack Wraps: Mmmmm

At the Cheese-Burg-Her party at BlogHer '10, I got to try the new McDonald's Angus Snack Wraps, which are based on the Angus Burgers.

Husband and I really enjoy the Angus burgers -- well, we did, before we found out he can only have beef like, once a month due to his gout -- especially the Deluxe. So I was psyched to try the Angus wraps, and they did not disappoint. I especially liked the Mushroom & Swiss.

I also had a traditional Cheeseburger at CheeseburgHer; how could I not? Consequently I was a little full. But, I digress. Or, more precisely, I do not get to my point.

Which is FREE Angus Wrap coupons!! I have 5 (five) to give away, courtesy of Mickey D's, and I strongly encourage you to enter my giveaway before I run to McDonald's and use them myself which I said I wouldn't do. (It actually was an option on the survey.)

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Giveaway Details:

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment (yes, Sisagain, that means you, too, otherwise it's not fair...) telling me your most memorable McDonald's moment or your favorite McDonald's food item. Leave your comment or comments (as many as you like -- tell me the faves or McD's moments of family members, too) by 11:59 pm EST Sunday, September 5th, 2010, and I'll use to pick the winners on or around Monday, September 6th. [Dates edited on August 26.]

Be sure I have, or can get, your email address!

I'll pick 5 comments ... and if some of the coupons go to the same person, that's OK with me. (Because, um, the 2 of you that I know read this blog, I know you can use more than one coupon.)

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Here are my stories (no, I'm not entering my own contest -- just sharing). I've told both these stories (plus the Banana Splits story, which is tangential at best) to DuckyBoy, so now they're immortalized here.

My most memorable McDonald's moment was actually not AT a McDonald's. It's also kind of a non-moment ...

Back in Erie when I was little, they had a local Ronald TV program on once a week or once a month, and if you sent in your name and birthday they'd read it on the air during that week/month. (It's all kind of a blur.)

So, late February rolled around, we'd sent in my name, and I was awaiting. Watched the whole episode, and they'd read the names at the end. I waited. And waited. You know how things always take longer when you're waiting for them?? Well. For those of you who don't know, it's coooold in Erie in February. I was only wearing a slip. (Remember those? The things you'd wear under a dress?)

I wanted to run upstairs and get my dress. (Or I was in my underwear and wanted to get the slip. Something about the slip.)

Long story short: yep, I missed my name. *Le sigh.*

Interestingly, I still liked Ronald and the restaurant -- unlike my other favorite TV show's fall from grace, which occurred when The Banana Splits sent me a super-cheesey fan packet instead of whatever deluxe stuff I was eagerly anticipating, expecting, and otherwise daily running to the mailbox for. (I remember getting that envelope, tearing it open and, with bitter tears of disappointment, running upstairs and vowing to never, ever watch the show again.)

My favorite McD's food was, for decades, their French fries; in fact, my family swears it was the first solid food I ate.

Now that I've spent time on Atkins and the like, and have read Women, Food and God, I can actually get a meal for DuckyBoy and leave his fries alone. My favorite item now is the McGriddle... mmm, sweetness plus sausage ... with the Angus Mushroom & Swiss.

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  1. McDonald's memories... We've all got em... K remembers being angry at me for getting her the wrong toy with her Happy Meal. B still has the scar on his chin from a Playland slide encounter gone wrong. (thanks Ronald)
    All this happened before my favorite memory :1994! A real McD's opened in our very own tiny town!
    No more 60 mile round trips for McNuggets!
    That store was, and still is, the smallest McDonald's I've ever seen:)
    But on opening day, having breakfast, it was Christmas to us!