Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Colgate Wisp

Check my post about DuckyBoy's first day of school for my reasons for loving the new Colgate Wisp mini toothbrushes.

My thanks to someone at BlogHer's BowlHer party who put freebies in the ladies' room, so I got to try them for free -- because honestly, at 50 cents (on sale) a brush, I might not have tried them otherwise.

I mean, in theory it's a ridiculous concept. I have so many toothbrushes for this kid that I could practically use them as disposables; once I bought a dozen, yes a dozen, of a style he liked. We still have most of them, because we can Never.Throw.One.Away -- they have a face, you see. So they're not just a worn-out brush, they're a friend.

But now? We have a saying around here: "Luxuries, once sampled, become necessities."

These fit. DB loves the flavor, I love they're small and disposable and require no water. And he lets me throw them away.

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